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Our Boats

The Association owns two Santana 22 sailboats. These boats are available for rent to any member of the Association as availability permits.  Please see the scheduling page for information on how to schedule one of the boats for a sail. There is also a Shields 30 for use by the Sailing Team.

In order to sail an NPSSA boat, you must be a member of the association and pass a check sail with an association-certified skipper.


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Sailing Rates

Boat rental rates for 2012 are set at $25 per half day for a sail. Boats must remain within the designated sailing area (see map ). All boats must return to the docks before sunset and may not leave the docks until sunrise. Boats may only be rented by Association members who have met the qualification requirements for basic keelboat sailing, and have passed a check sail with the Association.

Directions to our Boats

Our boats are located at the Blue Water Cove Marina on the Coast Guard Pier.  The parking lot is off of Foam St.  To drive there from NPS take Del Monte, go through the tunnel, veer right onto Foam, and take the first right turn.  If coming from the Aquarium it is on the opposite end of Cannery Row.

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