The NPS Sailing Association

Our mission is to help our members practice and learn the art of sailing; to promote good fellowship and sportsmanship; to learn and promote the yacht racing rules and etiquette of yacht racing; and to promote competition (racing) between members of the Association and other yacht clubs and Sailing Associations

Who We Are

The NPSSA is a non-profit organization formed to help our members further the art and practice of sailing in the Monterey Bay area.


The NPSSA officers have made the decision to expand membership to "All Active Duty and Retired Military members and their dependents, as well as students, faculty and staff of the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and Defense Language Institute (DLI) shall be eligible as well as others as decided by a simple majority of the board.  Membership may not be denied to any person by virtue of race, color, sex, or creed."

Membership dues are currently set at $50 per year.  To become a member CLICK HERE.

NPSSA Officers

Commodore Remo Payson
Vice Commodore/Racing (VC/R) Tina Pryne
Vice Commodore/Training (VC/T) Ron Giachetti
Vice Commodore/Maintenance (VC/M) Greg Lizak
Rear Commodore (Faculty Rep) Ray Buettner
Secretary Lauren Leone
Treasurer Mollie McGuire
Staff Commodore
Public Affairs Emily Conard
Group Sail Coordinator Brian Bingham
Webmaster (Not a NPSSA Officer Position) Wade Einkauf
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